I had the honour of being featured on Hugo Boss' "Smart Denim feature. I was asked to give a few tips and tricks on how to smarten up jeans for, which denim washes suit  which colours and a few other tips. Have a read below!


(Special thanks to Rokas Kam and the Tank Magazine team)


Recently featured in Mr.Porter's Grooming Journal, where legendary barber John Mullan trimmed and styled my facial hair and gave pro tips  on how to maintain it, what products to use and how to grow it out properly. Have a read below!




    Shooting this story gave me instant flashbacks of my end of high-school prom. Romance in the air, the excitement of having a parent-fre evening with a bunch of schoolmates, 50 Cent blasting on the speakers, flirting with the girls in the year-group, (who, under normal circumstances I wouldn’t have had the guts to flirt with) and dancing the night away on a boat that the school had hired for the evening. Alas that ship had sailed. Not figuratively, literally– the boat had left the dock before a few of my friends and I had arrived, so we missed the night entirely. I didn’t actually experience any of the above. Fortunately, these fresh suits by River Island allowed me to reinvent that memory… with the utmost style.


    I was treated to some gorgeous London weather while shooting this story; so overcast and moderate rain was the mood for this shoot, which was more than relevant giving the above sob story. The “Navy skinny fit suit” worked so strikingly against the monotonous backdrops, the suit’s fabric has a density to it, so it really absorbs light giving it a premium matte texture. Part of the reason why I picked this suit was because of its stretch fabric, and I was not disappointed. The suit is not overly stretchy as it still needs to be able to retain its shape and structure, but the suit is comfortable enough to be able to grab your woman and take her for a spin on the dance floor, should the opportunity present itself.


    The suit sat atop the “White tape collar slim fit shirt”, which I chose for the really interesting embroidery detailing on the collar and dark buttons, which I thought removed the need of a tie. I embellished the suit with a stone contrast print scarf to add a bit of vibrancy to the suit, finally I wore a pair of simple Black Double Monk Strap Shoes to work with the outfit.


    The second suit was the sumptuous Blue check three-piece skinny suit with a waistcoat. I would not usually opt for such vibrant suits but I was feeling a bit adventurous.

    Also in reality, the check is actually very subtle, (though I did turn a few heads whilst walking to the shoot location). I am also a huge fan of double breasted blazers, so that may have swayed my decision. The cut of this suit was surprisingly very accurate to my body type–no tailoring needed! I paired this with the same “White tape collar slim fit shirt” as the previous ensemble, I felt the subtle red detailing added a nice warm touch to the otherwise cool suit. I had originally worn the Double Monk Strap shoes in a tan colour but had decided it was quite an obvious option to work with the suit, so I opted for the same Black Double Monk Strap Shoes with this outfit, which made the overall ensemble quite harmonious.


    Although this story brought back some painful memories, I had fun shooting it and trialling some of River Island’s latest tailoring collection. Have a look through this season’s pieces, there’s something for everyone there at a great price point!


    Have a look below for the full Evening attire selection from River Island:

“Experience Art like Never Before”- House of Peroni event

I had the pleasure of attending the House Of Peroni Interactive art experience in London recently, immersing myself in the three-dimensional art world with the Google Tilt Brush. Had a ton of fun. Click below to read about it!

Barbour internationaL InTERVIEW

I sat down with Barbour International to talk about a few aspects of my career, what I find most challenging and what it means to be original. Have a read below:

J.CREW- "Locals only" Interview


I was Featured in the UK edition of J.Crew's "Local's Only" editorial, printed in their in-store catalogue stocked in their stores worldwide.


The J.Crew team flew in from New York to shoot the editorial, set in my home town- Ealing Broadway, where I grew up. They then asked me a few questions, have a look at the story below for the full interview!

FOREVER21  #F21xme campaign


I was sponsored by Forever 21 for their #F21xme campaign, taking a few pieces from the A/W16 collection and styling them in a way I thought was cool.


I am not really a fan of the trendy highstreet pieces you find around, but I was pleasantly surprised at the variation within the Forever 21 Collection. I found some very interesting pieces outside of the current season as well.


-WITH HUAWEI  (sponsored)

Holographic projections, complete automation and bio-mechanics-  I was askied by Huawei to answer the question "what will smartphones look like in the future?" Have a read below.


    What do mobile phones of the future look like?


    Ok, so not many people know this but I am quite the tech geek. In fact, my mind exists in a weird space directly between the technological and creative. It’s pretty weird in that space, but what it does, is allow me approach a concept from both a technical and conceptual standpoint at the same time. This post is a little different, I talk about what the future of mobile phones would look like, how they would interact with our lives.


    I’ve owned a mobile phone since mobiles were commercially available. Owning both a Sony, and Ericsson phones before they became Sony Ericsson, owning a PDA/ mobile phone hybrid whose sole intention was to send SMS’s to friends, witnessing some of Nokia’s painful experimental mobile phones, I’ve seen a lot in my time. I’ve witnessed the incredible leap in technology over the past decade and the  picture below really put things into perspective when I first saw it:














    Where are we going with this?


    I don’t know, but I have a pretty good idea. Should we be scared? Only if you haven’t yet noticed that our information is the new currency; where we live, what we do on a day-to-day basis, where we hang out, what type of programs we watch etc. This isn’t all bad though, the information learnt will eventually be integrated into a personal artificial intelligence, which will eventually aid us with monotonous tasks such as filing taxes, sorting out our personal schedules and hopefully automatically providing some sort of entertainment while our significant others are blabbering on about how their day went. We are already seeing strides with Huawei’s phones integrating with Amazon’s Alexa, in the next five years as “The Internet Of Things” further develops, we’re going to be shown at how vital phone integration is to the modern man/ woman.



    What about FAR into the future?


    Ok, let’s talk WAY off into the future. I predict mobile phones will be way less “hands- on”, and by that I mean technology will synergize with human biology to such an extent, that our thoughts patterns, emotions, desires etc. will be alterable, make the phone device itself act as an optional control center. I can imagine devices being placed into our brains, which regulate temperature, pre-predict our text messages before we’ve even thought to write them and release endorphins when we are feeling down. Not necessarily a good idea, but neither is fried ice-cream.


    The phone device itself will act as more accessorizing purpose rather than a necessity and as we adopt this hyper-analogue mindset- which is where we’ve moved so far into the digital world that we crave the simplicity and craftsmanship in analogue designs, such as analogue watches, film cameras, vintage cars etc. people will feel a desire for a classic mobile phone in their hands. Augmented reality will DEFINITELY become integrated into our vision. Ladies, you’ll never have to do your makeup again, you will just have a Snapchat equivalent filter that’s constantly present on your face.


    So that’s a brief overview of what I think the future holds for smartphones. I MIGHT have watched a bit too much ‘Black Mirror’, but I’ve always been fascinated in ‘visions of the future’ stuff. I’m interested to see how we as a civilization become more and more dependent on technology. Will it change humanity for the better or make it worse? Worse. Definitely worse. Matrix, Terminator, Wall-E… We need to chill.



Gap host a series of style posts called "Styld.By", where they select various style influencers from around the world and feature them on their online site and social media.


I was chosen as one of the UK's influencers and asked to put together a few outfits of my choice. I then came up with a casual concept for the shoot based on a day in central London at my favourite store. cafe- Duke Street.


Photography: Ed Li (

In honour of Mazda's "Have your Own Identity" social project focused on individual style, I explained what I like to wear, why I chose the items based on their textures and patterns etc. I also gave a few tips on what to look for when taking care of your outfit.




    Last week I attended the House of Peroni art experience in London. Awesome.


    Incorporating a through-running theme of creativity and meticulous Italian craftsmanship, which is an essential part of the ethos to Peroni Nastro Azzuro, the House of Peroni hosted an event interactive celebration of art and technology.

    One of their resident artists Carne Griffiths (who I fanboyed over, one of my favourite artists, I still have one of his signed prints) used the Google tilt brush to create a  three dimensional interactive piece.

     I was able to trial the Google Tilt, a Virtual Reality immersive painting experience to create a really cool visual piece (as shown above). I loved that a bit too much.


    The row of virtual reality headsets that were open to the public where complimented by art-themed cocktail infusions, created by Peroni’s Master of Mixology- Simone Caporale with the option of antipasti nibbles were served throughout the evening.

    If you missed this one in London, fear not! The House of Peroni will be heading to Edinburgh (30th March – 1st April) and Manchester (5th – 8th April)

    More info at

I was selected to be one of the judges for a competition held by Dockers, where I helped select the winning contestant based on their style.


The competition was based around the contestants styling their chinos in the most stylish way, which was then shared by the #DockersOntheGo hashtag.


After selecting the winner, they were issued an all inclusive trip to London to experience a luxurious day hosted by Dockers.


The photos above were example photos of how to wear the chinos and how they can be creative with styling.

Photography: Ed Li (


Designer accessory brand- Cote Et Ciel asked me a few questions about my background, career, and inspirations etc. I was shot wearing one of their bags in one of my favourite galleries- The National Gallery in London.




Photography: Ed Li (


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